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FTM Porn — November 9, 2012 at 10:36 pm

Couch Surfers Vol. 2

T-Wood - Gay FTM PornThe second installment in the Couch Surfers collection provides plenty of hot FTM porn action and adds a few new dimensions to the series.

Produced by San Francisco’s T-Wood, Couch Surfers Vol. 2 was years in the making. The one-on-one scenes feature some of the guys that turned you on in Couch Surfers Vol. 1, including both trans and cis gender men.

Notable scene: Rowan MacLachlan and Marlo Davis, two cis men strapping on and playing hard, a first in a FTM porn production.

Kissing, biting, slapping, power topping, rimming, sucking, fucking… you’ll find it all in Couch Surfers Vol. 2!

Studio: T-wood Pictures
Dex Hardlove, Lube Boy, Rowan MacLachlan, Marlo Davis, Ian Sparks, Mark Van Helsing and Peter Pleas. The bonus disc also includes a full scene featuring Rowan MacLachlan and Dorian Darkalley.
Awards / Nominations: 2010 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

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