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Sex Toy Reviews — November 2, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Sam Plus – Pack & Play Prosthetic by LolaJake

penis prostheticSoft packers are too soft for sex, a good fucking cock is too hard and big for day-to-day packing, and good pack & play prosthetics are few and far between. If you’ve come up against this dilemma then say hello to Sam Plus made by LolaJake, one of the few vendors of prosthetic penises designed for pack & play use.

Sam Plus’ glans is large with a pronounced coronal ridge. The penis shaft is detailed with veins, and the 3D scrotum is slightly textured. Sam Plus has a large “tab” that can be used to adhere the cock to your body with a medical adhesive.

It’s large for packing but for those who like to pack 5” or more, Sam Plus works well. However, the weight of the penis may cause the tab to stick out from your body a bit. If you don’t use the tab and adhesive option, a fix for this might be to trim down the tab, though it may be important to somehow treat those cut edges to prevent deterioration. Also, you’ll want to use a harness that will support the weight of Sam Plus. DIY elastic harnesses are not recommended; go with something more robust.

By default, Sam Plus is not for STP use, but you can purchase a STP compatible upgrade.

penis prostheticSam Plus includes a removable semi-flexible rod: remove it for packing, and slide it in for fucking. Not surprisingly, switching from packing to play time is not entirely seamless. It’s takes a bit of fiddling to get the rod inserted. Ultimately, prosthetics have a life span so handling Sam Plus carefully when inserting or removing the rod is  recommended. You can work a little corn starch or potato flour onto the surface of the rod to make it slip in and out more easily.

Sam Plus is definitely a superior prosthetic for fucking, scoring well in a couple of important areas:

  • Sam Plus warms up fast and retains body heat well.
  • The varied texture provides a sensual and realistic feel, a pleasant contrast to too-smooth dildos.
  • The large head is ideal for G-spot stimulation.

Note that to use a harness for sex, you’ll need an O-ring that will accommodate at least 5” in girth.

LolaJake’s inventory changes and this exact model is not currently available but they have numerous similar models in the same price range. From simple packers to dual use prosthetics and larger play cocks, and with options such as foreskin, floating testicles, and vascular detailing, LolaJake’s portfolio offers a ton of choice. Prices range from $200 to $600 USD.


Size: 5″ long x 5″ circumference, 4.75 oz.
Materials:  Platinum silicone, phthalate free and hypoallergenic.
Colors: Vanilla, Caramel, Coco and Espresso, plus hand painted with a blend of up to 8 colors.
Price: $400 – $450 USD.

Below the belt FTM gear.

Sam Plus was sent to me by LolaJake to review. Thanks LolaJake!!

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  1. I would like more info on prices will be purchasing coco soon thanks

  2. My wife has loved to pack. She has a small soft package she has worn for hours when we go out looking for partners. She has a semi ridgid one she uses to show off some bulk. She has a medium one that stands up looking ready to play. Then she has a strapon with various sizes depending on who wants to play with her. I have so far never been pegged by a real cock. Not sure I could find one as good as her. When she really wants to work it she can bang any ones ass as good as any I have ever seen. She loves cock for anything. She can not figure out if she likes to fuck women or men with the strap on or if she likes to suck cock and drain balls completelyWe all here love to watch her do either. She really enjoys doing doing either one. She does like packing though. Does wear one most all the time now. She likes to have women reach in and play with her toys and likes to see thier face when the find her toy of choice.for the night!

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